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Sticking Together by John Robichaud
Sunshine at Sunset by John Robichaud
Gros Morne Morn by John Robichaud
The Gift Of Sprng by John Robichaud
Annapolis Valley Gold by John Robichaud.
Little Tancook Dreams
Fall Oh You're Bliss
Harbourville Dream Time
Under The Solstice Sun
Three Pools
The Sun Sets On L'Acadie by John Robicha
A New Day Dawns On Benjamin Bridge
In The Fields of Grand Pre Homepage
Stand Your Ground
Two Trees At Three Pools
Masons Orchard

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY is a lifelong pursuit, an exercise in learning how to see - a persistent reminder of the value of patience and

a belief in possibility. Nothing is certain when you pick up the camera bag and leave the physical and emotional comfort of your four walls behind.

 There are many times in the pursuit of that memorable image, as in life, where you step out into the unknown and venture somewhere you've never been - that's a challenging investment to make - the long drives and hikes, hills, wind, rain and snow - the time and energy spent -  everyone has a closet full of memories of high expenditure near misses and downright failed attempts -  they far outweigh the successes.  This is when you are called upon to have faith in possibility and in yourself,  to persevere and try one more time, to show up . . .  Experience will play a key role in your success, you've learned from

                                                                                       all those near misses and, oh, how sweet is the reward of magical light.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ---   John Robichaud

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